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Occupational Therapy

Fine Motor Function

Functional grasping, visual perceptual and motor skills, fine motor control, and manipulation for tasks such as writing, buttons, zippers, and shoe tying


Balance and body coordination, crossing midline, and ball skills. 

Sensory Processing

Improving tactile sensitivities to textures, hair brushing, nail clipping, clothing aversions. Light, taste, smell, touch, and sound seeking or avoidance. Doesn’t recognize or react to aversive smells, sounds or touches. Difficulty with body movement, coordination, clumsiness. Frequent body movements, crashing, jumping, spinning. Assessment non-integrated reflexes that can inhibit development. Self-regulation and mindfulness education.

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Pediatric Occupational Therapy services are tailored to encourage functional skill attainment and development of client and family-centered goals for play, school, and daily living skills. OT utilizes play-based activities to facilitate and provide a just right challenge for your child to help improve skills and promote self-esteem and confidence through successes.

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Daily Living Skills

Organization and executive functioning skills. Dressing, Bathing, Self-feeding, Toileting. Cooking, Cleaning, and other instrumental activities of daily living

Cognitive Tasks

Remembering letters, numbers, sorting, sequencing, and shapes.

Social Skills

Turn taking, following directions, listening, and play skills with peers.