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Trisha Page

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Co-Owner, Executive Director, Autism Advocate, Consultant

My husband, Gary, and I have four boys, ages 7-19. Our oldest, Kyle, was diagnosed with Autism at age 2 and we were told to “move… because ND has nothing to offer you.”  I have spent the last 17 years working to change that outlook for families in the FM area and across ND.
Today, our family remains in ND, our son Kyle attends NDSU, and while we enjoy traveling, we also enjoy everything that the ND and MN outdoors can dish up!  We are living our best life when we sneak away to the lake on the weekends, whether it is hiking, boating, fishing, napping, skiing or sitting around a campfire, we love the outdoors!
My favorite quote (that I think I made up when I worked at the capitol) is:  “If you work in a caring profession and you have stopped caring, it is time to find a new profession.”  I LOVE what I do because I am surrounded by incredible therapists who deeply care about the families they serve and are passionate about the fields they work in.  I know that their passion drives them to want to learn more, to serve better, and to pour their hearts into their clients’ progress and because of this, our clients make gains faster and families are better supported.  When the results produce wins for our clients, our team is on cloud 9.  I can’t think of a better place to be than right alongside of our team members and our clients celebrating the wins because I know how hard everyone worked in order to have that celebration.
“My absolute FAVORITE PET is a Great Pyrenees dog because they are giant, furry, therapeutic cuddlers who are *almost always* calm!